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🏢As we've seen over the past few weeks, parts of the Civil Service are just simply not fit for purpose. Some of t… https://t.co/TQWVjvo5z6
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With my signature, Florida permanently prohibits genital mutilating surgical procedures and experimental puberty bl… https://t.co/WqWxHmYRl3
Why doesn’t the Government tell all Whitehall civil servants to get back into the office? Simple cure to the… https://t.co/U1uPMESdBL
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We really need to look at the road works surrounding Rawtenstall @AlysonDBarnes It is taking public transport an… https://t.co/yG3GyAN9Xy
Amen to that, if only you knew someone with the power to do something about it, @michaelgove. https://t.co/RIrn1RuTfk